candice. 16. 24/6/15: the day i met #haylor


I want to explain for those who don't know that Harry is from Manchester, which is why Taylor chose our show to bring him and why she said the city was so important to her. And since some people are already being kind of rude... No, we had no idea. NO ONE told us this would be happening. We are NOT part of Taylor Nation or Big Machine or somehow paid for by Taylor to say any of this! lol I am SIXTEEN! I'm not employed by Taylor. And yes, they did seem like they were dating. No, I did not see them kiss, but I know another girl at the same Loft said she saw them kiss each other on the cheek, soooo. :) Yes. Haylor is real.

my loft89 experience: pt. 2 (the UNCENSORED version!)



Let me repeat. HARRY. STYLES.


OK so rewind. I’m sorry if there are typos, I wrote this AS SOON AS I GOT HOME FROM THE SHOW but Taylor asked us not to tell anyone until the European leg was over. Anyway I tried to proof-read but I’m STILL SO EXCITED AND CAN BARELY BREATHE WHEN I THINK OF IT SO YOU KNOW SORRY FOR ERRORS!!!

OK SO. Here’s what happened.

Andrea gave Ellen and I our Loft 89 passes during HYGTG. She was like, “Are you Candice?” WHICH HOLY CRACKERS, IS AMAZING??? and I was like YES!! AND THIS IS ELLEN!! and she was like “Good because youre meeting Taylor, she wants to meet you, you’re going to Loft 89!!!” You can read about all that during my original Loft 89 post…

Anyway, we got to Loft 89 and had cookies and pizza (the cookies were AMAZING btw you HAVE to try one) and all that and we got to talk to Andrea and Scott for about ten minutes. So here’s the first thing I left out… Scott kept looking around and Andrea was like, “Settle down, he’ll be here in a minute” and that kind of thing. And at one point he was like “she’s really busy, I’m just keeping an eye out for her” and so Ellen and I were like… sorry but what do you mean? AND ANDREA AND SCOTT JUST GAVE US THE MOST EVIL SMILES LMAO like seriously…no shade or anything but they were just like ‘oh you’ll see’ and excused themselves and walked off to talk to other fans.

So Ellen and I stuck around and chatted with some of the fans and basically stared at Taylor the whole time because omg she is insanely beautiful and sO TALL?? And then as she started making her way towards us, she stopped and kind of looked behind us and told everyone to quiet down… and I really wish I’d been able to record everything but they made us keep our phones in our bags. But anyway, she said she had an important announcement to make and she only felt right making it in Manchester, because it’s a really important city to her. She said that it was really good news and she wanted to share it with US first before anyone else, but we had to agree not to talk about it until now. So we had to sign some paperwork and had to actually give up our phones and cameras and so of course everyone in there is like, This is like the Secret Sessions! This is what she did at the Secret Sessions! getting really excited. And then, after everyone had signed off and everything, Taylor got this huge smile on her face and looked at the door and said these three words that I will never. ever. ever. EVER. in my life forget:

“Oh, hey you!”

Stupidly I was like, is she talking to me? Because Ellen and I were by the door. Lol but then we turned and HARRY STYLES WALKED IN. HARRY FUCKING STYLES WALKED INTO FUCKING LOFT 8 FUCKING 9!!!!! AND TAYLOR SAID “HEY YOU” TO HIM LIKE OH HEY YOU, HEY GUY, HEY!!!! SO CASUALLY CRUEL IN THE NAME OF BEING HONEST, TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!

at this point I don’t even think I was breathing, at first i didn’t even recognize him i swear because it was just SO UNBELIEFVFSLALE?? like!!! HARRY! STYLES! MY! IDOL! AND! CRUSH! SINCE! MIDDLE! SCHOOL!! WAS! IN! THE ROOM! WITH TAYLOR!!! AND ME!! AND ELLEN I SWEAR TO GO D I WENT BLIND/DEAF/DUMB ALL AT ONCE

okay so like skip ahead about a minute because according to Ellen I was having like a silent seizure or something… Harry apparently was like “hi, guys, I’m Harry” (which omg how fcsjafkdl cute is that, he has been taking lessons from our girl obvy) and waved all shy. He walked up to Taylor, who hugged him and said “glad you could make it” and Harry just beamed at her and then Taylor turned to us again and was like “SURPRISE! I brought a special guest for you all, I think you all know this guy?” And everyone at this point was just clapping and shouting all at once, so she just started going around the room again…

She came up to us really fast with Harry next to her and said “HI GUYS!! You’re Ellen and Candice, right?” and we died again and said yes and at that point i was seriously sobbing, it was so embarrassing…. But then Taylor put her hand on Ellen’s shoulder and turned to Harry and touched HIS shoulder and was like “Harry, this is Ellen and Candice, Ellen’s blog is where I found that video of the cats dancing… And Candice, she posts those cute gifs with her boyfriend where he’s wearing a 1989 shirt that’s too small.” And then she looked at me and was like, “I got that right, didn’t I? I hope so, I’m so sorry if I didn’t, I hope I’m right!” and she was right of course because she is an angel who stalks us all while we sleep and then Harry was like “oh yeah, those were so funny, it’s so nice to meet you both” and Taylor asked if we wanted a picture with the two of them because she remembered that we were big fans… and she and Harry came up with a bunch of poses for us. They had a photographer there taking the photos which was really cool since we didn’t have our phones or cameras anymore. At one point, Harry had an idea that Taylor should be in the middle and we should all rub her belly and was like “yeah, like she’s pregnant, like Macy! [who was another fan there]” and then he put his hand over his mouth and was like “no no no bad idea, no no no, I swear that’s not supposed to mean anything, SORRY MACY” and Taylor was laughing and we did something else.

So after we got the photos Taylor and Harry hugged us again and Ellen. Ellen got to tell Taylor thank you for getting her through her stay at the hospital, which was really awesome… Like I said, you can read more details about our Taylor-only experience on my other post. So after that Taylor moved on to the next group. We probably got about four minutes with her and Harry, but it was so great. We hung out for a little while afterward… Andrea came by and gave us tissues and hugged us and said she hoped we had a good time. We chatted with her for a little while again and asked why Harry was there, and if they were like getting back together or whatever and Andrea just kind of giggled and smiled and then walked away. It was seriously the most confusing and amazing moment of my life!! And then as we left, we were waving and Taylor didn’t see us saying bye at first but Harry did and he waved and then nudged her and she looked up and then waved and said thanks for coming which was just really sweet. SO YEAH. THAT IS THE DAY I DIED AND I LEARNED THAT HAYLOR IS REAL!

Oh and funny thing… When Taylor asked if she had our Tumblrs right, and we said yes, she did this cute little “YESSS!!” thing where she dusted her shoulders off and punched the air kind of, i don’t know it was just rly cute

So yeah, we met Taylor Swift and Harry Styles and it was amazing. :) Thank you so much taylorswift and Harry for such an incredible, sparkling, enchanting, wild, ROMANTIC night. I LOVE YOU!!