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Haylor (Taylor Swift + Harry Styles) lives!

Wow, flashback to 2012! Global pop sensation Taylor Swift and One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles are coupling up!

After their short-lived relationship went down in flames in early 2013--possibly inspiring some of our favorite songs off Taylor’s record-breaking 1989, and maybe even some love songs by Harry himself--Taylor and Harry (known by fans as “Haylor”) have rarely been seen together, leading everyone to believe that they were indeed never ever EVER getting back together... Even their brief sighting in May didn't seem like anything more than a meeting between friends. But there's no question these two songbirds are giving it another shot!

A handful of lucky Swifties were able to meet the pop princess backstage after the Manchester show of her 1989 World Tour, and guess who crashed the party? None other than British hottie and One Direction crooner Harry Styles! Fans revealed the big moment online last Thursday, just as Taylor and Harry were spotted holding hands and exploring antique shops and a gelato store in Portland, Maine.

Tumblr user candice1989 shared their experience meeting Taylor and Harry after the show:

[Taylor] said she had an important announcement to make and she only felt right making it in Manchester, because it’s a really important city to her. She said that it was really good news and she wanted to share it with US first before anyone else...then we turned and HARRY STYLES WALKED IN. [...] Taylor asked if we wanted a picture with the two of them because she remembered that we were big fans… and she and Harry came up with a bunch of poses for us.

...Then as we left, we were waving and Taylor didn’t see us saying bye at first but Harry did and he waved and then nudged her and she looked up and then waved and said thanks for coming which was just really sweet. SO YEAH. THAT IS THE DAY I DIED AND I LEARNED THAT HAYLOR IS REAL!
You can read the rest of candice1989’s experience on her Tumblr.

Witnesses in Portland, ME were equally shocked to see the two popstars hand in hand:

antoinetta b
just saw @harry_styles and @taylorswift13 feed each other gelato O MFG???!!!
June 02, 2015
angie ♡
they just walked past me talking about decorating a house?? this is the best day of my life 😍 THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS
2:54 PM - 2 July 2015 · Details
These two lovebirds sure don’t seem to be hiding anything!

( See some grainy ass pictures here )

PopSugar is the source Have you ever gotten back together with an ex, ontd? On a scale of 1 to 5, would you recommend?

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3rd-Fri-2015 10:11am (UTC)
wait what?...does this mean they've been together since May? no way...
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3rd-Fri-2015 10:15am (UTC)
I'm as shocked as u sis
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3rd-Fri-2015 10:12am (UTC)
I never used to think these two were real. He always looked so miserable and she was so smug parading him around like a prize. But... i don't see why they'd do this AGAIN? Might have to rethink my Larry theory lol
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3rd-Fri-2015 11:01am (UTC)
OMG LMFAOOOO Bitch you're a Larrie!!! I knew there was a reason I couldn't trust you lol

Jk love you
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3rd-Fri-2015 10:15am (UTC)
I CALLED IT. LMAO ONTD I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm going to go through all the mean comments I got last post saying they were PR and I'm going to reply saying I told you so now lol. JK but I hope he's the special guest for her LA shows... Wildest Dreams collab please
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3rd-Fri-2015 10:19am (UTC)
Didn't she just spend months saying she was happy by herself? Is that shady or healthy? idk man...this is hitting too close to home, I just hooked up with my first love from 3 years ago and we said it was just a hook up but here I am checking my phone for texts
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3rd-Mon-2015 10:22am (UTC)
the next album he inspires will be truly I C O N I C
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3rd-Fri-2015 10:35am (UTC)
My friend lives in Rhode Island and said they saw vans coming in bringing stuff to her house. Looks like she's stocking up for 4th of July stuff.
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