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taylorswift Throwback to the time we baked cookies in gowns. Happy Birthday, @karliekloss.

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jerome.harry Que lindo...
itsa1989thing 😍 Taylor, I love you so much. U and Karlie. And Harry. They're so lucky to have you. And I'm lucky too! Happy birthday Karlie!!!
daciadaygo This is not FAIR! Karlie is having the best birthday ever!! swiftamines13 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KARLIE! 💖💖💖
kayloraf.1989 Follow if you're Kaylor AF
halseycolors Does this mean Harry ships Kaylor? LOLOLOL
gabby_percatte Happy bday, Karlie! love u Tay and Hay ❤️😘
karliekloss SO much fun just living life with you ❤🍰
rebexxx Taylor I know you're busy and probably won't read this but I'm having the worst day......I know you'd have the best advice. My mom is banning me from seeing my bf of 5 months (2 were in secret) and I'm so heartbroken, she took away my keys and is checking my messages. It hurts so much to see him move on without even trying to work things out. Does that mean he never loved me? He told me he loved me so why would he just go away....
isenuffenuff @coriandercools This is wut I was talking about. Since when are they back together??
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