1. block 3
    All I care about is my friends, I love being single, oh by the way I've been hanging out with Harry Styles for who knows how long without saying a thing!
  2. block 8
    Wow, how transparent can you get... Makes sense...1D won't live forever, but that free press from fresh new breakup songs about Harry being a "player" (and straight) will help them both out. lol And this guy says they're just hanging out with "another 1D fellow." Please. He was probably with Grimmy.
    I AM SHOUTING Larries are going the extra mile as usual in their delusion. Haylor is like a phoenix, it may crash and burn but is reborn from its own ashes.

  3. block 16

    First of all, kudos to annieconda-dont for doing the right thing and waking me from my slumber at midnight--#friendshipgoals for real. Secondly, I cannot believe my eyes, what is going ON? Like I want to be a believer but I am also scared for everyone, we are not prepared for Haylor 2.0.
  4. block 24
    taylorswift you have some explaining to do
  5. block 55
    Okay but how is Niall doing after hearing this news
  6. block 1,173
    this has got to be a fucking lie. like, i'm sorry, but no. harry wouldn't do that to us. he just fucking would. not. do. that. to. us. again. he saw what it did to the fandom the first time and he felt HORRIBLE for it. plus, he was NEVER happy with her. ever. not at all. not one bit. hello, do we have to pull out the pics from new year's eve? he looked miserable! he knows she already wrote a whole album about him, he would NOT go back for more when he cares about us so much. i seriously can't believe this. i have NO idea what they were doing together but i'd be willing to bet it happened waaay before may 29 and someone's looking for their 15 minutes'. let's hope 1DHQ gets their act together for once and does what management is supposed to do and kills this before it spreads!
  7. block 1,173
    "Getting drinks with another 1D fellow" UMM late May (can't remember dates right now, someone help!) Liam and Sophia were seen leaving a hotel bar in London...just saying
  8. block 473

    I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THIS and my cousin's boyfriend is 100% reliable. He's a great guy who wouldn't tell a lie and definitely does not work for Taylor or the boys, haha! He knows 1D because he's taken his girlfriend's younger sister (my other cousin lol) to some of their concerts, but he doesn't know Taylor (or at least how she looks) because he doesn't listen to pop music much. He started deleting the tweets because a ton of people are retweeting and freaking out SO PLEASE DON'T HARASS HIM. Let's just enjoy that it looks like HAYLOR HAS RISEN.
  9. block 5
    oh my go d haylorfever5ever IS THIS REAL?? Please please tell me it's real I'll literally go jump in front of traffic outside if this is fake PLEASE I'M SCREAMING

  10. block 77
    She was very tall, with him the whole night.
  11. block 1
  12. block 1,173

    HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE??? My cousin told me her boyfriend saw taylorswift and Harry having drinks at his hotel in LONDON! WHAT THE I CANTSSFUCKI NG VEN
  13. block 22
    y o u w e a r y o u r b e s t a p o l o g y , b u t I w a s t h e r e t o w a t c h y o u l e a v e .
  14. block 215
    It's just the hug at the end where she nuzzles into his neck and he puts his arm around her and they stay like that for a minute I just-